Jeran and Missa LIVE on Monday Nights 9pm-11pm PST at

Jeran and Missa LIVE on Monday Nights 9pm-11pm PST at

Join us this and every Monday at Truth Frequency Radio for Monday Night Raw! Jeran and Missa are LIVE Monday Nights from 7pm-10pm PST. Click the logo below to checkout Truth Frequency and if you are interested in buying a subscription, click the sign-up button below so that we get half! Supporting us just feels right, doesn’t it?

 Since Truth Frequency began in 2009, it has operated on a 100% listener supported basis with continual growth and evolution.  Unlike most radio stations, TFR does not contractually obligate any of the hosts to dilute their message with paid advertiser plugs, nor do they require any of us to disguise advertisements as news stories. They do not censor, regulate, or micro-manage the content on their airwaves, therefore the views and opinions expressed on TFR are of those who make them. This was very important to Missa and I in deciding what station to go with when we were offered a show. So, if there is one thing you can count on, it is our show and 100% our thoughts and our words. Feel free to call in next Monday night and join us on the air by dialing 1-866-37-TRUTH!




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