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Conspiracy Links

Please remember that jeranism may have different beliefs that the owners of these respective sights. The links ar eonly provided to put you on track towards new places and avenues for research.

Above Top Secret ( – uncovering government conspiracies, including groom lake, alien/government black projects.

Alliance to Expose Government Corruption and Corporate Irresponsibility (

America’s Line ( – the Madonna scandal. Exposes U.S. Army-CIA, ZION scam.

Arc-Hive ( – archive of conspiracy files. UFOS, secret societies, JFK, and more.

Black-Ops: Conspiracy Theory Encyclopedia ( – help Robert Anton Wilson and Miriam Joan Hill write the book on conspiracy theories from A-Z.

Christians and Conspiracy Theories ( – spurious rumors, urban legends, half-truths and slander that have infiltrated prophetic teaching within Christianity.

Col. Fletcher Prouty Reference Site ( – retired Air Force Focal Point officer for the Department of Defense in support of CIA covert activities; includes information on JFK assasination. ( 50 Greatest Conspiracy

Conspiracy (

Conspiracy Net (UK) ( – over 600 articles categorized for easy access.

Conspiracy Central ( – help in the fight against Big Brother or just submit a conspiracy to be posted on the page.

Conspiracy History of the Western World ( – the conspiracies which created Western Civliization are revealed! Everything from the Pyramids to the Scottish to British Cars!

Conspiracy Nation (

Conspiracy Net ( – aliens and ufo’s, conspiracy of the week, chat and newsgroups.

Conspiracy News (

Conspiracy, UFOs and Government Cover-Ups: The Story Unfolds (

Create your own Conspiracy Theory (

David Icke’s Newsletter ( – information on HIV, the New World Order, and more.

Free Republic ( – political and scandal news, archives, forums and links.

Germ Warfare – Hall of Shame ( – A history of military involvement in medical experiments on unwitting human subjects. Conspiracy theories about the synthetic origins of the AIDS virus.

Government Scams (

John Hinckley Shot The Wrong Brady Page ( – the real story behind the John Hinckley shooting plus information the government doesn’t want you to know.

Julie’s Page of Paranoia ( – a mixture of entertainment and useful information about what we should be afraid of in a high-tech society.

Keith Maydak Foundation ( – story of coverup by AT&T and the United States Government.

Labyrinth ( – online magazine of original articles that deal with conspiracies and the occult.

Millennium & Apocalypse ( – watcher website. conspiracy items and stuff they want you to read.

New World Odor (

ParaScope ( – investigates, researches and reports on the most shocking stories of our time.

Pearl Harbor (

Police Conspiracy ( – an ongoing crime by the police and an informant.

Political Assassinations Conspirators (

Secret Society of the Mad Cow ( – are you ready to discover the truth about government complicity in drug smuggling? Or would you rather live your life in blessed ignorance?

Smoking Gun, The ( – exclusive documents — cool, confidential, quirky — that can’t be found elsewhere on the Web.

Spellbinder ( – the truths about the lies you’ve been told all your life.

Teesside Magistrates Court Conspiracy Or Mistakes (

Traitor Within the Gates ( – our government is one of defined and limited power. Read what those powers are and then compare that to what is happening today.

Truth is Redacted ( – unsolved crime information including the JFK assassination, the Unabomber and Zodiak Killer.

Umberto Eco’s Multiple Name: Luther Blissett ( – the pamphlet. The conspiracy. The on-line mystery.

Who’s Watching Who? ( – Big Brother welcomes you.

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Government Links

Here is a large listing of Government Links.  Enjoy

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The Flat Earth Library

The Flat Earth Library is a comprehensive collection of Flat Earth literature, consolidated in one place for everyone’s benefit. Its purpose is to preserve and immortalise the history of Flat Earth Theory for generations to come. Go

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The Flat Earth Wiki

The flat earth wiki comes from the Flat Earth Society. Much of the experimental evidence for a flat earth is provided by Dr. Samuel Birley Rowbotham, a 19th century lecturer who traveled the isles of Britain giving lectures at many prominent universities of the day. His experimental evidence is very easily reproducible and requires only access to a long body of standing water and a little trig to conclude that water is not convex, that the surface of the earth does not curve as the round earth doctrine mathematically predicts. Other experiments require only a stick and a plumb line. Each of the experiments are described in full in the flat earth literature. Go

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The Flat Earth Society

Be careful. The site is considered “controlled opposition” but if you know how to sift through content and find some gems, it is a great site for that reason. The site claims to be the home of the world-famous Flat Earth Society and a place for free thinkers and the intellectual exchange of ideas. The website hosts information and serves as an archive for the Flat Earth Theory. It also offers an opportunity to discuss this with the Flat Earth community on their forums. Watch out for shills! Go

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A Plane Truth

A plane truth is a great site with so much content you may never want to leave. Go

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Deep Inside The Rabbit Hole by David Weiss

The place to start if you are ready for the truth. An awesome site put together by David Weiss which covers every conspiracy theory known to man and even some that aren’t. David does an awesome job of laying out the evidence that proves there is no “theory” involved. Go

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