Have You Been Trying To Reach Me?


Have You Been Trying To Reach Me?

To Everyone:

I just wanted to say thank you so much for watching and sharing my videos. Thanks for tagging me in your videos and other great posts and adding to the massive evidence that is growing ammunition needed to prove what is becoming more clear with every day. Thanks for watching Globebusters and listening to Monday Night Raw on TFR. You guys are all so awesome and I’m so happy I wasn’t alone in what I was seeing. (or not seeing) The response has been beyond belief and your kind words and messages mean the world to my wife and I.

Thanks so much for all your messages and emails and I have to admit the worst part about this entire thing. The only thing that stresses me out right now is not being able to respond to everyone. I get overwhelmed and can’t stand the thought of someone who has messaged me and is waiting for a response or thinking I didn’t care to send one. I apologize, I really do from the bottom of my heart but I have to admit at this point that it is simply impossible. I get over 100 emails a day and even at 2 minutes each, that’s 3 hours a day just to read the emails alone and that would be if I didn’t respond to one.

I dread the idea that someone has a great video or proof that they might be trying to get to me and that I have missed it. With YouTube messages and comments, Twitter and Tumblr DM’s, Skype messages, eMails, Facebook comments and chat messages, Instagram messages and my website forum and chat not to mention my ask.fm page and website contact form… I make myself sick over all of it. So, I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you. I also want to provide you the best way to reach me and this may sound crazy and ridiculous but it is the best way that I can think of for now….

THE BEST WAY TO REACH ME IF YOU FEEL SOMETHING IS IMPORTANT... is to email me everyday. I know it sounds crazy but I do look at my emails everyday and usually starting from most recent, start reading and responding. So if you emailed 3 days ago… chances are I may never see it. The other way is to put something in the subject that will really catch my eye as I scan over the inbox. Please remember that I still have to work to financially support my family. If all I did was YouTube and talk with all of you, I’d be the happiest man on Earth but that’s not in the cards right now. Maybe one day it will be reality but for now, I am simply doing the very best I can. I apologize if you don’t think I am doing enough or could be doing better. I am learning as I go and improving day by day with my management of it all.

With my patreon page and YouTube Ad Revenue plus donations to the “Support This Channel” button on YouTube, I am now making about 1/3 of our monthly bills from doing this and that is great as it has allowed me to spend about 20 hours or so a week doing what I need to for our business and book store. This has opened the rest of my time and allowed me to do more of what I love and what I think can change the world and make a better future for all of us, our children and our children’s children. My wife has been amazing at pulling extra duty with our business and giving me more time to research and make videos. Bob Knodel has been unbelievable as well as he pretty much takes care of all Globebusters related booking and show prep to where I really only need to show up on Sundays and he has it all handled. Thanks a lot Bob! I bet you regret buying me that laser now huh? LOL. There are so many others that have done so much as well. Cami Knodel, Bob’s wife and all of our mods at both the Globebusters live chats and the mods at the jeranism CHAT have been amazing. Thanks so much you guys! Jaren Knodel too! You rock buddy! Second best name in all the world, you got it!
I couldn’t possibly name the other video creators who are unbelievable and inspiring but I’ll shout a few off the top of my head… a special thanks to Jon Christopulos for always being there and putting out consistent good info. Thanks to the pioneers Math Powerland and Eric Dubay for what they have done. Thanks to Jesse Spots Spots, Steve Richards, Richard Hopkins and Robbie Davidson for keeping truth alive. Thanks to Rob Skiba who is a great friend and to new friends who have been amazing to know like Melissa Beckham and Dave Moor, to TJ Chambers for starting Globebusters with me and to one of my favorite creators, O.D.D. himself Mike Jack and funny funny guys like Antonio Subirats-Knowles, Mark Kŋight and Daniel Pratt. Pleasure knowing Nathan Oakley, Rick Hummer and Mar Queen. Other great truth seekers like Adam Doughty and Ian Dalton, John Savage, Lara Mlinarić and Maureen Jerner. I’ve missed so many but please know I thank you all. If you are reading this, honestly… Thank You!

Lastly a special thanks of course to Bob Knodel, Cami Knodel and Jaren Knodel. Awesome family and glad to attack the lies with you. You have a friend for life! Also to David Weiss, Patricia Steere and Mark Sargent for always mentioning my wife and I and for giving out the affiliate link to Amazon all the time. You don’t need to do all that you do and it really touches my wife and I more than we could ever say. You all have become like family and its great knowing you and knowing I can count on you guys. Flat Earth has brought so much joy and friendship, laughter and growth both personally and spiritually.

This world was created with purpose and design by a mind far beyond our ability to even comprehend. But it is a mind based on love and giving. The earth gives and gives day after day and asks for nothing but our appreciation and the people running the show right now give her none. I know without a doubt that there is something out there better than us that is pulling us all together and helping us to see the power of the truth mixed with the human collective consciousness at the right place and right time. Think of a flock of birds or a school of fish. By just watching their cohesiveness, we should recognize that together we can’t be stopped and this goes for every last person who has seen the difference truth can make in their lives. It makes you want to be better, to do better and contribute to a world that is… MUCH BETTER. I can’t do it alone and neither can you.

So finally, all I can do is thank all of you again and say it has been fun and I look for more of the same. Keep sharing, keep posting, keep speaking about the reality of Earth and truth will set us all free. And even though I forget it a lot too… go easy on the globe believers. We believed it too as it is hard not to when you are taught it is the unquestionable truth. But remember the feeling the day you accepted the lie and what a change it made. I hope it did for you what it did for me and I truly hope all people will one day come to the realization that NASA and all the deceivers can try and pretend all they want… they can fake space, galaxies, big bangs and black holes till they are blue in the face… they will never be able to replace the fact that this perfect Earth and a few good friends are all I will ever need. And my wife… God knows I need her. Hope to talk to you all soon. Remember… if you have something important for me… BLOW UP MY EMAIL! You guys rock!
Be kind to each other and don’t lie to each other!
Open Your Mind… There’s Truth Inside!
Talk soon! PEACE


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Hello! I'm Jeran and I make YouTube videos that challenge current accepted beliefs. I am trying to get people to open their minds and to not just accept the words of those in authority who haven't earned the right to be trusted. This enrages many people because they can't see that all I am doing is simply asking questions and testing things that have been considered facts but don't meet the level of evidence I feel is needed to call something a fact. So as we test, if we find that everything we were taught to believe is true... no harm, no foul right? Plus we get to do a little science as well. But, maybe... just maybe... we will uncover the biggest deception of all time. Open Your Mind... There's Truth Inside!
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  • Shelley Richardson

    Hi Jeran,

    I have been researching many years including the Circular Plane World (CPW), Antarctica and others.
    I am a New Zealander. I found this original 1979 NZ footage of the Royal Commission of Enquiry into the tragic Mt Erebus Crash of the LAST PASSENGER SCENIC FLIGHT to Antarctica, killing 257.

    I Have 2 KEY POINTS

    1/ Pilot, of a previous flight admits under oath to having vision of 200 miles (view at 32:00min in).

    2/ It was concluded by justice Peter Mahon, ( a good man) to be a corruption within he Airline (and safe to include the US NAVY) in a litany of lies, a deliberate deceit by the flight navigators to fly the plane straight into Mt Erebus, changing the coordinates the night before and NOT informing the Crew.
    US navy ATC lead them into the mountain and this event ended All Scenic Flights to Antarctica from then on!


  • bogdan kowal

    good evening sir i trust all is well thank you so much for your very interesting productions on the flat earth and nasa lies i have to admit i find it hard to understand how the tides work on either the stupid globe or more realistic flat earth models any help would fantastic thank you and take care. regards b.m. kowal oh and it would be interesting to hear your views on fakex oooppppsss sorry space x