Flat Earth International Conference

It Is Coming!

Pretty cool huh? Thanks to Robbie Davidson and Brian Mullin, we will be getting together in November for the first ever International Flat Earth Conference. All the information about the conference is below and taken from the site http://fe2017.com and yes, I will be there and so will many others. In fact, on November 9, 2017 at 10:30, I will be a speaker at the event doing a session on NASA and other space lies. Certainly sounds like fun and I can’t wait to meet all the flat earthers I have been watching for well over two years.

Then, on November 10, 2017 it will be a great day as my now good buddies, Bob and Jon The Morgile and I will be getting together for the first ever LIVE Globebusters show!

The conference will be streamed LIVE as well as have thousands in attendance. We can’t wait to see everyone there. Also, check out the app for both iPhone and Android available here: http://fe2017.com/download/ So checkout the site and if you decide to go… I can’t wait to see you there!  The below info is directly from the about

About the 2017 Flat Earth International Conference

The Flat Earth International Conference is an educational endeavor composed of individuals and organizations uniting around the common purpose of the true scientific inquiry of the created earth.


Most people today subscribe to the espoused heliocentric globe model explanation of our cosmology, which contends that:


  • The earth spins at 1,040 miles per hour while traveling around the sun at 66,000 miles per hour;
  • meanwhile, the entire solar system moves through the milky way galaxy at 490,000 miles per hour
  • as the milky way galaxy darts through infinite space at over 1 million miles per hour


However, every experiment ever conducted to prove even the simple spin of the earth has failed!

Join us this November to learn why we dissent from the spinning heliocentric theory of cosmology. At the 2017 Flat Earth International Conference, we will uncover and debunk pseudo-scientific “facts” while presenting the true evidence which shockingly points to our existence on a flat, stationary plane.

About Us

The 2017 Flat Earth International Conference (FEIC) is a first annual conference hosted by Celebrate Truth and Creation Cosmology Institute. FEIC features presenters from various backgrounds and belief systems who have each made an impact on the larger Flat Earth community. FEIC is a grassroots educational endeavor not in any way affiliated with the Flat Earth Society.


“People still believe the earth is flat!?” We maintain that the earth is flat and stationary, but we weren’t born into this way of thinking. Like you, we grew up believing in a heliocentric globe-earth model. After extensive experimentation, analysis, and research, we have come to know that the truth of our cosmology is not that which we’ve been told.

“Will I fall off of the edge?” No. Though there are varying models within the flat earth community, the most commonly depicted model of our earth is that of a circular disk with Antarctica serving as an ice wall barrier. Example:

 “Is NASA lying?” We believe that government space agencies are taking creative liberties with your tax dollars and producing misleading materials. Did you know that all images of the earth which show a curved horizon or a spherical shape are:

  • Computer Generated Images (CGI, proven with photoshop programs and analysis),
  • Artistic Renderings (acknowledged by NASA), or
  • Captured via fisheye/wide-angle curved lens (producing a curved appearance)

Further questions

For general media inquiries, contact Robbie Davidson of Celebrate Truth, FEIC event organizer, by email: flatearthconference(AT)gmail.com

For questions pertaining to ticket purchase, conference information, or the acquisition of event press badge, contact Nicole Revels of Creation Cosmology Institute, FEIC event planner, by email: CreationCosmology(AT)gmail.com

Register today at FE2017.com


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Hello! I'm Jeran and I make YouTube videos that challenge current accepted beliefs. I am trying to get people to open their minds and to not just accept the words of those in authority who haven't earned the right to be trusted. This enrages many people because they can't see that all I am doing is simply asking questions and testing things that have been considered facts but don't meet the level of evidence I feel is needed to call something a fact. So as we test, if we find that everything we were taught to believe is true... no harm, no foul right? Plus we get to do a little science as well. But, maybe... just maybe... we will uncover the biggest deception of all time. Open Your Mind... There's Truth Inside!
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  • MikeDunlavey

    It’s a fact that the sun came up today. It’s only a theory that it will come up tomorrow. Would you bet against it? The only facts in science are the evidence that has already been seen. When you say “everything in science goes against the heliocentric model” you’re just talking through your hat. When you say “the globe presents exceptions in the proven laws of science” you’re just talking through your hat. When you say “the globe model is NOT proven”, nothing is. Least of all the flat-earth theory. It’s riddled with inconsistencies, which I will be glad to enumerate.
    And when you say “the globe model discredits a creator”, it only shows that you take biblical scripture so literally that you’re prepared to deny simple mathematics and physics. In the renaissance, the study of math and science was considered among the highest studies, because it was studying God’s creation. Now you’re going the other way.
    I’m sure you consider this an example of “godless indoctrinated thinking”, but doesn’t 2+2 still equal 4, and isn’t the circumference of a circle still diameter times pi, and doesn’t every action still have an equal and opposite reaction. It doesn’t take much more than that to discredit Flat Earth.
    Look, if you want to hold that the earth is flat and stationary, because the Bible says so or not, in spite of all the impossibilities, that’s your right. But if you’re trying to gain “converts”, especially when there’s a strong undercurrent of anti-semitism, you’re going to need better defense than just calling opponents names.

  • I heard 1000

  • Thoughts

    I’ve been telling people this for months. You are so right.

  • I can’t disagree. In fact, it seems like the biggest reason for the globe is to discredit and make the world without a Creator to seem plausible.

  • I think 1000 last time I heard

  • Thoughts

    Fact #1: There is not one fact to support the globe model( heliocentric model). Only theories support such claims. In fact everything in science goes against the heliocentric model as far as raw facts vs theories. The globe presents exceptions in the proven laws of science. Be aware that the globe model is NOT proven.

    Also, how can you believe in god AND the Big Bang Theory with evolution? The globe model discredits a creator.

  • Bob Bertric

    How many people are they anticipating Jeran?

  • You know I’m not sure. Not to me I know that. I think they go to the venue but it is a question I will ask Brian Mullin and Robbie Davidson.

  • You know I don’t know. Not to me I know that. I think they go to the venue but it is a question I will ask Brian Mullin and Robbie Davidson.

  • You know I don’t know. Not to me I know that. I think they go to the venue but it is a question I will ask Brian Mullin and Robbie Davidson.

  • Ticket purchase? Where do the proceeds go?