FAKE SPACE Animation

You might know Dwayne Kellum. He is a great guy we have come to know this past year through his awesome balloon launches. A few months ago he even came by the house and launched a balloon from our front yard. Well today we had a very special surprise… we got to see our “fake space” video animated by Dwayne’s daughter. You should definitely check out Dwayne’s channel here and the video here and also check out his daughter’s channel here. Thanks so much for an absolutely amazing job. Here is the video for you all to watch.

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Hello! I'm Jeran and I make YouTube videos that challenge current accepted beliefs. I am trying to get people to open their minds and to not just accept the words of those in authority who haven't earned the right to be trusted. This enrages many people because they can't see that all I am doing is simply asking questions and testing things that have been considered facts but don't meet the level of evidence I feel is needed to call something a fact. So as we test, if we find that everything we were taught to believe is true... no harm, no foul right? Plus we get to do a little science as well. But, maybe... just maybe... we will uncover the biggest deception of all time. Open Your Mind... There's Truth Inside!
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