Best Proof Against The Globe

There are many things that don’t work in the Globe Earth model. Many. However, I will be the first to admit that it is tough to find that one proof or that one experiment that disproves the heliocentric model. My conclusions have been reached due to the many different and various problems I have uncovered in my research that when added together unequivocally prove with no doubt that the system we were all taught in school is a fraud system meant to confuse and control us. All that said, there is one test out of all of them that did tip the scales. I have not seen it in any way debunked nor have I even heard anyone attempt to explain it. So here it is below. I welcome any globe believer to comment below and tell me how you explain these tests in the heliocentric model.  Enjoy!

Gyroscopes Disprove The Globular Model



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Hello! I'm Jeran and I make YouTube videos that challenge current accepted beliefs. I am trying to get people to open their minds and to not just accept the words of those in authority who haven't earned the right to be trusted. This enrages many people because they can't see that all I am doing is simply asking questions and testing things that have been considered facts but don't meet the level of evidence I feel is needed to call something a fact. So as we test, if we find that everything we were taught to believe is true... no harm, no foul right? Plus we get to do a little science as well. But, maybe... just maybe... we will uncover the biggest deception of all time. Open Your Mind... There's Truth Inside!
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  • dylan_martin

    I love it! Yes and doctors look like they have extremely poor health and I am extremely healthy and bursting with energy and I will blindly follow this unhealthy experts advice on health. Sounds good to me.
    I am highly suspicious of posts from folks like KoopinVA I suspect they are no real. Meaning no one that has spent such little time thinking about these things would comment.

  • Guest

    You can’t compartmentalize to the extent you require for your professed “deception” to hold up. Even as a lowly intern at a Fortune 500 company, I had to be aware of key moving parts in many a project – lest it’d be doomed to failure.

    Even IF you could argue that only the “top brass” know, there’s so many other companies, agencies, etc. involved to the point where there’s just too many people “in the know” – where suggesting that NONE of them have spilled the beans over a half-century? Sorry, but that is impossible.

    And, as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would say: Remove the impossible. Whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

  • David Winzenried

    Doctors are “smarter and far more knowledgeable” so I will blindly follow their opinions on my health!

  • Guest

    I’m sure Jeran doesn’t think he’s Peddling untruths….as he sees it. One big problem we’re also seeing is his willingness to ask KIDS to question their teachers about flat earth….which is very dangerous. But as you put it, he may be one of those types who have enjoyed their celebrity status and extra money they’re making (of course he’ll say no one’s required to send money, but he has no issue asking), and would be reluctant to give all that up now. I also agree that he’s a smart guy… I think it’s a case where he’s gone from NOT believing in the globe to NOT WANTING to believe it. Imagine what could be accomplished if smart guys like him put their efforts toward real issues…kinda sad, really.

  • Well, there is much more to talk about then. If you find the flight from Sydney to Santiago to be proof, then please reply with the flight details from Cape Town to Auckland. It is actually less distance, I believe 7200 miles. It should be able to be done in about the same time, 11.5 hours. I looked and looked and no direct non-stop exists. So, I would love to hear why every flight takes 20-24 hours between those two locations. And of course people work at NASA and of course many of them are great people. Doesn’t mean they weren’t fooled by the leaders of the fake space agency. Also, you say it is easily debunkable and I say the globe is. So, bring some evidence next time.

  • Guest

    I am an Environmental Chemist whose father has worked at NASA for over 35 years (I’ve been on base, watched rocket launches etc and met many fine employees there). I have had several friends succomb to the flat earth thing over the last few years, none with any education in science or any vocabulary to talk about things like atmospheric refraction or parallax. Since the flat-earth claim can be debunked as easily as a direct flight from, say Sydney to Buenos Aires (which are available by Air New Zealand..), I have come to the conclusion that this stuff is being perpetuated intentionally, to obscure the 9/11 truth movement and make everyone look like idiots. The events of 9/11 as reported are not consistent with the laws of physics. Gravity and atmospheric science ARE consistent with these laws, or just ask anyone who makes or uses satellites (or just cover up your satellite dish and see if your tv still works…)


    You don’t need to be a genius and it doesn’t require any fancy 3D animated models.
    Pen, paper, and a bit of common sense is all that is required.

    The orbits of the Earth and Venus are drawn to scale, though of course, the planets are enlarged for clarity. If you make the planets smaller then the effect demonstrated is even more pronounced.

    The diagram predicts that at certain times of the year, Venus should be visible at night, low in the sky, in the early evening after sunset or pre-dawn.

    This is exactly what happens in real life.

  • Skeptical Elevator

    So, please do share with us mortals your genius five seconds discovery model – it must be an incredible 3d animation, and quite convincing by the sound of it.

  • >> What is in fact anomalous is that we can see it at all in the night skies while its orbit is closer to the sun

    It took me about five seconds to come up with a heliocentric scenario where Venus would be visible from the night time Earth.

    Make *some* effort testing your theories, please!

  • KoopinVA

    Well, we should congratulate ourselves. Perhaps for the first time on the internet people with opposing views have had several back and forths without calling each other a “f&cking moron”. LOL

    As far as videos of the Antarctic sun in summer goes, here is one:

    A legitimate criticism is that it is possible that this is someplace in the Arctic circle and the video was just run backward. I would go with Occam’s razor here but it is no doubt what most FE-ers would latch on to. Of course, suspicion that it might be fake is not the same as confirmation it is fake but many FE-ers seem not to care about that distinction.

    As far as your understanding of when we can see the night sky or when we can see Venus, I would say that I’m just a layman but I think you seriously misunderstand when and what you can see.

    I haven’t researched it so this is just one layman talking to another. But you see planets, the stars or the moon even when the light reflected off those bodies (or emitted from them in the case of stars) is of a higher magnitude of brightness than the sunlight in the atmosphere. So sometimes you can see the moon when the sun is still up and sometimes you can see the stars or Venus when the sun is still out. To be sure it won’t be very long after sunrise or very long before sunset but it all has to do with relative magnitude of brightness.

    With that said, I’ll try to get you to see the light (ha, very punny) about when you can see Venus. On a globe model you could see Venus quite easily right before sunrise or right after sunset sunset depending on the position of Venus relative to earth. As you probably know Venus is (if the experts are to be believed) something like 66 million miles from the sun. There are clearly angles where people would be in the shadow of the sun (night time) where the sunlight in the atmosphere is non-existent (or minimal) and when the light reflected off Venus causes Venus to be quite bright and visible. So back to the street lamp analogy. A park bench can be 20 steps from the lamp (Venus) and the building and the person in the shadow of the building could be 30 steps from the lamp. From the shade of the building you could still see the bench but you couldn’t see the lamp. That’s the correct analogy in this scenario.

    Anyway, let me know your thoughts.

  • Skeptical Elevator

    Thank you for your comments. The problem is that one is hard pressed to find any timelapses from Antarctica showing the full movement of the sun during astral summers. Jeran has talked about this, and even contacted stations in the Antarctic.

    The videos that show the sun behaving just as it does in the North during summers there are demonstrably fake, stitched together. Baloons high up in the atmosphere seem to be always in sunlight, and there is the possibility that the sun is glowing into the walls of the world beyond Antarctica, somehow giving it a glow while the sun goes around the circle of the earth during Southern hemisphere summers. Your lamp post explanation I have to disagree with. It’s very simple –

    1. You only see the night sky while the SUN is on the other side of the earth, so you must be facing AWAY from the sun for that to happen.

    2. Venus’ orbit is closer to the sun than the earth’s, so it must only be visible during daylight, while and if it goes in front of the sun, if we assume the globe model to be correct. Yet, Venus traverses the night sky all the time, it’s pretty much visible every night.

    Oddly enough, NASA and mainstream astronomers would tell you that a day in Venus is longer than a year, and that it spins the other way, making it an anomaly.

    What is in fact anomalous is that we can see it at all in the night skies while its orbit is closer to the sun – your explanation suggests you can see through the earth, since in the globe model, for the sun to be beyond the horizon (i.e., night time), the earth must rotate out of the way, and so the only planets we would be able to see then would be those with larger and farther orbits from the sun.

    Watch Stephen Hawking’s attempt to prove a curvature, and look at the model of the planets that the producers present there, and you will see that if the earth is facing the night sky, Venus must by force be behind the horizon, that is behind the earth… it is so basic that the fact that it demolishes the globe model logically is hilarious. Put a chair (Venus) between yourself (Earth) and your lamp (Sun) and spin around, and if you can see the chair through the back of your head, then the earth is a ball.

  • KoopinVA

    Not exactly surprising that no answer was provided by any flat earther, including you.

    Jeran, you say that you are seeking the truth. If that is accurate I would encourage you to seek the truth on these questions/observations. The implication of these simple observations will help you out a lot in your search for truth.

    Be well.

  • KoopinVA

    Not sure how that is so tricky. Go outside at night on a city street. Find a lamp post that is close to a building. Step into the shadow of the building so that you can’t see the lamp. Can you see anything lit up by the lamp post? Same concept except on a cosmic scale.

  • KoopinVA

    To answer your answers directly. Yes, kids were killed in Sandy Hook. Yes, terrorists launched an attack on 9/11/01 and yes, there was a terrorist attack in San Bernardino.

    And this isn’t meant to be mean, but the main difference between Neil and Bill, and you and me, is that they are smarter and far more knowledgeable on the topics of science than you and I. Now, to give you credit, you do say to think for yourself while they inform us on what the science of today tells us. However, this “think for yourself” approach seems to be a bit of a selling technique than a true belief because while you say think for yourself you are also quite adamant that you actually believe in the flat earth and often mock people that accept the science that we live on a globe.

    Anyway, I have no desire to debate conspiracies theories. But I would be happy to listen to you explain the discrepancy between what you would expect on a flat earth in the Southern Hemisphere when it comes to the long night and the long day, and what we actually observe. I would understand if you don’t engage though because this is one of the main Achilles Heels of the FE model. You can’t explain it away with vague (and inaccurate) notions of perspective or atmospheric lensing.

    In closing, congrats if you have been able to monetize your work and your belief system. Like I said, I don’t buy any what you are “selling” but you do seem like a good guy and I wish you a good and truthful life if you choose not to engage on this relatively simple and straightforward discussion.

  • They show clearly the Earth does not move. Ask Einy, Hawking, Ellis, Barbour or any of the rest and they will tell you that NO EXPERIMENT HAS EVER SHOWN THE EARTH TO MOVE. I am about to make a post with a scientific paper that has been published that can show you that you trust liars.

  • I am not peddling untruths. Why don’t you start by telling me some of the things you consider untruths and I will explain and show my research for my beliefs. And when I tell people “Don’t Trust Me” do you see the difference between me and Neil Degrasse or Bill Nye? People telling you we came from stardust? Does he tell you not to trust him or does he say science is true whether you think it is or not.

    So, let me guess… you believe that Sandy Hook was real? 9/11? San Bernardino? Would you like to do a show where we discuss these things and I show you evidence?

  • Skeptical Elevator

    A tricky one is how we see Venus on the night sky if the orbit is closer to the sun… that bothers a lot of people, since the night sky must always point away from the sun in the globe model.

  • KoopinVA

    Ok, I think I found the link on Dr. Zack’s 3 videos on refraction.

    Is this the last of the 3 videos you wanted me to look at?

    If so, you misunderstood my questions and their implications because those 3 videos do not address the questions I presented.

    If you want to get closer to reality, don’t be afraid but slow down and consider my question carefully. (This goes doubly for you, Jeran)

    There is a unique feature on Antarctica that is located between the Weddel Sea and the Bellingshausen Sea. On the map I see, the base of it is called Palmer Land. Anyway, it is land mass that juts toward South America in both the globe and FE model.

    Print out a copy of that map and put it on the table in front of you so that that land feature is closest to you. Label that point 1. Go 1/4 around the FE model to your left and label that 2. Go another 1/4 around the model and label that 3 (should be opposite of 1) and then go another 1/4 around the FE model and label that 4. What observations tell all of us is that in the austral winter (i.e. no sun at Antarctica for several months), at points 1, 2, 3 and 4 they can all see the constellation known as the Southern Cross. That is reality. And it is also easily explained on the globe model.

    FE’ers are trying to align observations with the FE model. But on the FE model the Southern Cross at point 1 is toward the you; the Southern Cross is to the left of point 2; the Southern Cross is away from point 3; and the Southern Cross is to the right of point 4. And yet, people stationed at all 4 points see them all at the same time and they “appear” to be in opposite directions. Refraction won’t cure that but understanding we live on a globe does.

    But it gets even worse in the southern hemisphere summer. In the FE model, the sun continues to circle overhead and around the North Pole in SH summer but because the sun is on the outer loop the North Pole is in perpetual nighttime. Assuming that model is correct, we also know that we can see the sun all summer long in the Antarctic circle. If you are on that same tip of Antartica located at Point 1, you would see the sun go to the left, slow down, stop, and start going right, slow down, stop, and then go to the left as it completes its loop around the “North Pole”.

    But of course, that doesn’t happen. On top of that ask yourself the question why you could see the sun at point 1 and point 3 at the same time but couldn’t see it at the “North Pole” at the same time.

    So just ponder those observations of reality and why they don’t work on a FE. And, no, perspective and refraction don’t even begin to address these issues.

    And so now back to Jeran. I think you are a smart guy. I also think you on some level know that this kills the FE model. Yeah, it will take time to sink in but please stop trying to convince people of something you ultimately will understand to be wrong. The world has real problems and we need a lot more people to accept reality in order to deal with them.

    Be well.

    (Not reviewed for typos or grammar so please forgive)

  • KoopinVA

    Sure send the link.

    With that said, if you’re a FE-er why don’t you try to explain it to me. Please explain how on the FE model you have the disc and the top, left, right and bottom point of that “coin” all end up showing that the Southern Cross “appears” opposite of the center of the “coin” (North Pole).

    Further, then explain how in the austral summer the sun appears to go “circle above” Antarctica but in the FE model you would expect to see the sun to wiggle back and forth between two relatively narrow angles. Of course, some FE-ers have posted videos showing that you would expect the sun to wiggle back and forth on a globe in the austral summer as proof of that the globe model is wrong. Laughably, the FE-ers actually end up debunking their own viewpoint due to their failure to understand even the basics of the argument they are making.

    Anyway, send the link and then make your comments on how the Southern cross and the sun are subject to atmospheric bending so that what you would expect on a flat earth doesn’t actually happen but it ends up looking exactly how you would expect on a globe (but of course is actually proof that we are on a flat earth).

  • Skeptical Elevator

    Please watch Dr. Zack’s most recent videos. It will show
    you who the firmament and the sun have been modeled in the newest flat
    world map, with atmospheric effects bending light.

  • Skeptical Elevator

    I think you should watch some of Dr. Zack’s latest videos. It will show
    you who the firmament and the sun have been modeled in the newest flat
    world map, with atmospheric effects bending light.

  • KoopinVA

    Hey Jeran,

    You seem like a cool guy and I appreciate that you claim that you want people to open their minds. But I’m not sure how peddling untruths gets us closer to truth which is the goal of opening our minds. I suppose this has been fun for you and all the attention (both positive and negative) can be addictive to some personalities. But when you come to understand that we are on a globe I hope that you re-examine your whole infatuation with conspiracies and understand what a waste this has been and how you have actively harmed some people by getting them to believe these untruths. In short, there are better uses for your talents than denying reality.

    Anyway, here’s a short thought experiment for you that I haven’t seen addressed. As you know, in the southern hemisphere, in their winter, portions of it is in darkness for months on end. I understand flat earthers view of how this can happen and I can see how it makes sense to you. However, there is something that can’t happen on the flat earth and that is that all the southern hemisphere that is in in darkness for months at end can’t all see the Southern Cross at the same time.

    So I guess the questions are: do you deny that you can see the Southern Cross in the long winter night around all of Antarctica? And if you don’t deny it do you understand that the simplest (and correct) explanation for why that is (and why the star trails go counter to those in the Northern Hemisphere) is that the very brightest amongst us figured this out a long time ago? Just because we don’t teach the long back and forth of how we can to know what we know is no reason to discard it.

    Anyway, if you are ever in the DC area would like to get a beer with you. Be well and please open your mind that this simple thought experiment pretty much excludes the possibility of a flat earth.

  • Arran Morfeld

    Gyro’s must be a PsyOp… Some sort of Gyrogological Conditionalization; directed at Military Service Departments; to spread false instruction on the properties of Gyronism. Yea, that’s it.